— The Entombed girl! —
Im a 18 year old girl, my name is Emma, From Sweden!

I live on metal! Death, Pagan, Black, Viking, Thrash you name it.. I dont like screamo and so one.
I also have a huge intrest for vikings and the old culture here in my land, Im also learning all about the nordich mythology and how it was to live as a viking in scandinavia. My goal at the mment is o creat my own viking costume til the summer of 2014, Ill update about that frome time to time..........
Heavymetallife-> deathmetallife

Also, please talk to me, I like it when people talk! feel fee to add me on le Facebook but It would be nice if you told me who you are

Fenriz and Nocturno culto 
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Carpathian forest live at Kuurne throne fest- 11-5-2013
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On occasion, I think people can get caught up in just a single aspect of certain gods of the Norse pantheon.
Perhaps none more so than Thor.
So I wrote these words to try to encourage people not to think of him as simply a brute that does nothing but swing a hammer in rage and maybe look at the larger picture and appreciate some of his subtleties as well.
Words by hedendomMjölnir artwork by fibacz
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All rights to SyvFjell Photography.
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