Im a 18 year old girl, my name is Emma, From Sweden!

I live on metal! Death, Pagan, Black, Viking, Thrash you name it.. I dont like screamo and so one.
I also have a huge intrest for vikings and the old culture here in my land, Im also learning all about the nordich mythology and how it was to live as a viking in scandinavia. My goal at the mment is o creat my own viking costume til the summer of 2014, Ill update about that frome time to time..........
Heavymetallife-> deathmetallife

Also, please talk to me, I like it when people talk! feel fee to add me on le Facebook but It would be nice if you told me who you are
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I like the hate!
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Ento-o-o-mbed in France \m/
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Anonymous asked : hey. still awake? I'm pretty bored and can't sleep..

Helooo, yes Im awake a little bit longer anyways! Have you tried to lay on the floor? usualy help me fall asleep when I cant 

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