— The Entombed girl! —
Im a 18 year old girl, my name is Emma, From Sweden!

I live on metal! Death, Pagan, Black, Viking, Thrash you name it.. I dont like screamo and so one.
I also have a huge intrest for vikings and the old culture here in my land, Im also learning all about the nordich mythology and how it was to live as a viking in scandinavia. My goal at the mment is o creat my own viking costume til the summer of 2014, Ill update about that frome time to time..........
Heavymetallife-> deathmetallife

Also, please talk to me, I like it when people talk! feel fee to add me on le Facebook but It would be nice if you told me who you are
Awesome amon amarth shirt is awesome!!!!

Awesome amon amarth shirt is awesome!!!!

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